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Company History

W.H. WhitelandWhiteland Engineering Limited was founded in 1956 by Walter Hanson Whiteland and over 60 years later is still a family run business with the third generation maintaining the family tradition.

The company initially designed and built Purpose Machines, so it is well aware of the accuracy required to manufacture specialised components. The company now concentrates its efforts with a highly skilled work force approaching 30, in the field of sub contracting machining services, tool making, specialised components and mechanical assemblies for firms and organisations with their own products in a multitude of different industries.

Over the years we have worked on many different projects, servicing a variety of different industries including the following :- M.O.D., Printing and Packaging Manufacturers, Rail, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Alternative Power Generation, Pumps & Compressors, Aerospace, Marine, Medical, Motor Sport, Tobacco and Specialised Vehicle Builders.

Our company has a well equipped machine shop and is always looking to expand and improve upon its facilities by investing in the latest high technology equipment when replacing machines and is consequentially well placed to exploit future business opportunities.

The WELMATIC The company's Inspection facilities reflect the importance that it gives to this key part of the manufacturing cycle and it can boast a fully equipped inspection area with a 3 axis co-ordinate measuring machine as the centre piece.

We are currently manufacturing various specialised mechanical assemblies for the M.O.D. which involves many precision components.

The company is a member of the "Gauge & Toolmakers Association" and is a fully accredited ISO 9001 company which is approved by Lloyds Quality Assurance. The journey of SC21 approval is under way, which we believe in time will be the industry standard for all M.O.D. / Aerospace work. Customer Satisfaction "By producing the right product at the right price at the right time" is our core objective.